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To promote and develop the game of tennis in norcal....

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Our academy in Dublin California develops junior & adult players from around the east bay area. Which includes, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Livermore and Danville. building foundational skills - mentally, physically and emotionally to perform at any level and in time against any style of player. Welcome to our site if you have any questions about us or our academy please e-mail or call us at 925-699-7661.....

Thanks for looking, as we continue to build our academy we will also build our information base to give you more insight into this great sport of tennis.

Major Objectives:
1. To help students learn and understand the game.
2. To help students develop.......
a.) Physically: by learning tennis skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries;

b.) Psychologically: by learning to control their emotions and developing feeling of self-worth;

c.) Socially: by leaning cooperation in a competitive context and appropriate standards of behavior (sportsmanship).
3. To keep winning and losing in perspective.

“Fun” is the key concept. Fun could be defined as “the quest for balance between challenge of competition and
the development of playing skills.” We believe the best rewards are intrinsic -- they come from competing against
yourself instead of focusing on the outcome of a game or a match over which you do not have complete control.
As a parent, you will invest a lot of money in your child or in some cases your children. With most investments we
expect a return on our money or we would not invest in the first place. One thing to consider, the investment in tennis
may not come back from winning tournaments, College scholarships, winning money or even playing on the ATP
tour. The investment you have made for your child in the sport of tennis will give them a sport for a lifetime as well
as physical and mental skills. These skills will help them to deal better in life. With your positive support as a parent,
maybe just maybe, your child will make the ATP tour.

The tennis lesson groups will be programmed to build a solid foundation. From that foundation each child will develop their skills — which will enhance and strengthen their style.

Tennis is a sport for a lifetime, and we at the Topspin Tennis Academy want to provide everyone with quality instruction for all ages and
abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player, we want you to take advantage of the knowledge, skills and expertise that our tennis programs has to offer.

How does a player improve their skills in the very difficult and complex game called tennis? Do they just play sets against better players and hope that
some of the skills will rub off? Or drill work, over and over again, simulating the shots and situations that they face in competition? What about physical conditioning? What about mental training? What about strategy and learning what to do and when to do it? Do the necessary skills in this game just evolve if the game is played long enough? Does a player have time to wait for it all to come together? We can help you evolve. Our goal for each person is to have fun and develop your game in either a competitive or social arena. You learn at your pace no matter what your level!