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To promote and develop the game of tennis in norcal....

Broadway Heights

Mental, Physical & Emotional Strength

If you take the three Strengths and look at them one at a time.

Physically you can hit the ball very well but you don't have the Mental side of the game so your not sure what to do with the ball; what do you have? Mentally you know what to do with the ball but you fall apart emotionally; what do you have? Emotionally you are strong but you don't have the Strokes or the Mental side; what do you have?

When you braid the three together they become much stronger and you become more invincible....

Broadway Heights Dinner



“You can have Big Plans, but it’s the small choices (steps) that have the greatest power. 

They draw us toward the future we want to create.”

— Robert Cooper—

“If you have made mistakes, and lost… there is always another chance for you… you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

— Mary Pickford —

“Too often when embarking on a new goal or venture, we focus on what needs to get done without looking at who we need to become in order to get there.” 

— Cheryl Richardson —


Goal setting is an important method of:
- Deciding what is important for you to achieve and what is irrelevant.
- Deciding how committed you are to your tennis.
- Motivating yourself and/or maintaining satisfaction in your game.
- Building your self-confidence based on measured achievement of goals.

You can set goals effectively by:
- Writing them down.
- Phrasing them positively.
- Defining them precisely.
- Prioritizing multiple goals.
- Keeping them manageable: not too hard, but not too easy.
- Creating a majority of your goals as performance goals.
- Reviewing and revising goals on a regularly scheduled basis.

Note: Failure to accomplish a goal can be useful in improving your game as long as you look closely at the failed results, and take steps to rectify these failures in your training program



always remember
— If you think you can or you think you can't your probably right—

— A winner ask how a loser (second Place) ask why —

HOW can I hit my forehand is a better question than WHY can't I ETC

— The average ball travels 60 - 65 feet so if your ball hits close to the base line the average ball hit back from your opponent will be around the service line —

know that you now - where should you be? — if you're struggling with the answer call us we can help...

— The ball you just hit —

sets you up GOOD or BAD for what you will hit next - it's up to you

— Where you hit the ball dictates where you go next —

do you know where that is? WE DO

— There are two opportunities a missed one and a made one —

If you miss an opportunity your opponent may not - know your opportunities

— Perception is reality —

What or Who your opponent believes you to be you are until otherwise proven - as what you believe your opponent to be

— Make them prove who they are —

— Tennis is a 3 dimensional sport —

Both on the court and in your mind

— You can lose up to 20% control and power going from a practice court to a match court—

The harder you practice and the more matches you play that percentage will get less and less...